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Eight Pieces of Brocade

Movement Notes:

Fill Body with Qi
(In Basic Stance, interweave fingers, raise hands above head keeping shoulders down,
rotate palms up, rise to toes, sink down, rotate palms down over head, side-bend to left
and right with palms over head, bring hands down. Remember rooting and sinking)


Draw the Bow
(in rooted Lion Roar stance, start with hands before Middle Dan Tian, move outer
hand out to side, following with inner hand as if linked with an elastic, with palm
turning out suddenly at end, then draw hand to inside and repeat other side)


Touch the Heavenly Clouds
(One hand goes up, one hand goes down, at extreme all fingers turn to right. Palms
face direction of movement. Inhale to middle, exhale to extremities.)


Align Zhong Mai for the Three Treasures
(In Basic Stance, 3 hand positions of at side, on lower back level, in 'harmony'
position hugging a tree, with head turning first left then right.)


Qi Gong for the Intestines
(in rooted Lion Roar stance, inhale rise onto balls of feet. Exhale sink into stance)

(You could alternatively do Lion Shakes Mane)


Qi Conduction
(In Basic Stance, exhale face palms down in downward press, inhale raise hands,
exhale continue to above head elbows bent, inhale arms to shoulder height, then
bend from waist and exhale, grab toes, inhale pull toes, exhale ease off, inhale
return slowly to standing position inhale, do downward press and repeat.)


Sending Qi to Higher DanTian
(rooted Lion Roar position, sideways punch, exhale on delivery, fist in vertical
position. Drag it across before exchange.)


Smoothing Qi Throughout Body
(In Basic Stance, rising onto toes and back down with 3 hand positions, hands at
side, on lower back and in 'harmony' position as if hugging a tree.)

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