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White Crane Brushes Knee

Movement Notes:

1) Left hand in goose head, head height, pointing to left. The arm is at right angles.

Right hand and knee come straight up, palm flat and facing across to left side (inhale)

2) Draw down diagonally to right with hand and leg, the hand 'brushing' the knee (exhale),

placing foot a small step ahead, hip or shoulder width (that's an inward motion at end).

3) Both hands come in to chest, hand with goose head further from body, pecking the back of the hand (inhale)

4) Left hand moves out, palm up, head height, as if showing something, elbow down. Look over top of fingers. This is like draw the bow. The other hand crosses the centre line, also palm up, hovering near elbow. (exhale)

5) Left hand which is out, makes a large move over head, staying outside the personal space, the moving down other side of body, and to side of leg, like a large wave or cleaning a window. The spare hand is tucked in towards heart. (inhale)

6) The right hand presses forward like opening/closing a door, as the other hand finishes the dropping to side. (exhale)

Repeat on other side

Hints and Tips:

There is a lot of stuff happening in this form, and it really challenges the right/left brain usage. 

The best way to work with that, is to accept that "a lot of different things are happening", and that you can be aware of them at the same time in a soft and relaxed manner without having to analyse them.  Grounding and rooting, and a soft awareness is most important, so that this doesn't become too overwhelming or distracting. 

There is a moment when the other brain half takes over, and that can create a "disruption" in your awareness.  This can be smoothed by remaining in the body, and moving from the Lower Dan Tian.

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