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Swimming Dragon

Movement Notes:

Start in Basic Stance

1. Hands move above head, palms facing forwards.

2. Create a circle with hands, ending near Lower Dan Tian, palms facing upwards. Knee has come up to meet the hands. Left hand is above right hand. Inhale.

3. 'Swim', by pushing hands forward and stepping, palms forward, into a long stance. Hands move to side and downwards, connecting to the back of the body, at the sides. Exhale

4. Hands come in to chest, palms in, like splashing water in you face. Inhale.

5. Keep heel sinking down, lean from waist, push hands forward, palms out. Head, shoulders, hip heels need to be in line. Exhale.

6. Step with other leg, starting at 1.

Hints and tips:

Arms and hands keep rotating as you gather by the knee and swim, and scoop up.

Each section is done at a different speed to a steady, balanced breath.  So the breath remains steady, and the first movement (1,2) is medium fast, the second (3) is very fast, the third medium slow (4) and then very slow for the forward press and lean (5).

It doesn't matter which leg you start with.

Short video

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